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專業心理及情緒 | 兒童遊戲治療輔導 Psychological Counseling and Child Play Therapy

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Play is the language of children - Landreth


Play is child’s natural medium for self-expression, the child is given the opportunity to play out his accumulated feelings of tension, frustration, insecurity, aggression, fear, bewilderment, confusion in the play room where is a safe and protected space for him. Play therapy provides an environment for the child to regain the feeling of self-worth, recognize their own capability of self-direction, ability to stand on their own two feet. – Virginia M. Axline

Play Therapy is for children at 3-12 years old



Required number of sessions for each case

Number of sessions is depending on each child’s circumstance and needs. Some children find few sessions to be benefited. For more challenging cases or long term issues, more sessions will be required.

Each Session: 50 minutes 

Cantonese l Mandarin l English 


Presentation Cases