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專業心理及情緒 | 兒童遊戲治療輔導 Psychological Counseling and Child Play Therapy

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Counseling is a space for the client to stand back from the routine and reflect on what they may wish to do or to change to make them better. – John McLeod


Mental and psychological health is listed as one of key topics for global attention according to World Health Organization (WHO). In fact, psychological and mental health is critically influencing condition of physical health.

Everyone’s life is unique and un-comparable.Up and down, lost and grievance are part of everyone’s life experience. Professional counselor walks together with the client for a journey of discovery, explore undiscovered options and possibilities in different life circumstances. Counselor applies relevant counseling approaches tailored for client’s specific needs aiming for therapeutic results. Clients will experience benefits from counseling process by enhancing resilience, inner peace and calmness, coping skills in dealing with changes and so achieving long term personal growth.